This mini-webinar series provides industry statistics and brief solution demos that address very specific pain points in healthcare. In just 20 minutes – or the time it takes for a coffee break – healthcare leaders can get a taste of the solutions that can help solve those critical issues.

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Optimize shift coverage and labor costs using rewards and recognition


Rachel Pledger
Amy Jo Encinas

The right rewards and recognition program is key to maximizing shift coverage and minimizing costs, while increasing employee engagement. Contrasted with traditional monetary or ‘premium pay options,’ rewards and incentives are more effective at motivating staff and driving performance.

Watch this webinar to learn how rewards and incentives are an effective way to empower staff through a Collaborative Staffing approach, helping your organization:

  • Increase coverage for hard-to-fill shifts
  • Reduce premium labor costs
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Drive loyalty and positive work habits

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